Pearls Beaded Necklace

$39.00 AUD

18k gold plated pearls beaded necklace

Materials: 18k Gold Stainless Steel + Freshwater Pearls

•Waterproof and tarnish free jewellery
•Hypoallergenic & Anti Allergy

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Splendor of Pearls from FreshWater
Our Beaded Necklace flaunts genuine freshwater pearls selected for their luster, shape, and size. These unique pearls make every necklace one-of-a-kind. Pearls add elegance to any outfit.

The ideal necklace for any event
This versatile pearl necklace is perfect for any occasion. Its neutral tones match easily with any outfit, and its length offers versatile styling options. Layer or wear a single-strand necklace for a statement look.

Expertly crafted, top-notch quality
At Sparkle Land, we make durable, top-notch jewelry like the handcrafted Long Beaded Necklace, using only the best materials and skilled artisans—long-lasting and stunning jewelry.

Flexible Styles Options
This necklace is 48 inches long and perfect for styling in different ways. Wear it as a long single strand, double it up for layers, or knot it for a chic twist. Endless options!

Affordable Luxury
At Sparkle Land, luxury jewelry, like our Long-Beaded Necklace, is affordable without compromising quality. Cheap freshwater pearls offer beauty and elegance.